Professional Hair Straightening

Detailed Instructions
For Professional Indian Oil Hair Straightening

Liquid and Economical- Suitable for all hair types including straight hair

Contact of iron with the straightening products or the hair covered with the products must be avoided at all times

Step 1: Shampoo

Wash hair twice with the Indian Oil Pre Treatment Shampoo. During the third time leave the shampoo on the hair for at least 2 minutes to bring the pH level of the hair to 9.2 so that the hair will be free of silicone residue and enable optimum penetration of the straightening product into the hair structure

Step 2: Dry

Dry the hair thoroughly with the paddle brush. Preferably with a hair dryer.

Step 3: Apply

Apply the product with bowl and brush.

Step 4: Wait

Leave the product on blond hair for 45 minutes. Leave the product on natural or very curly hair for an hour. After the first half an hour (use of an hat is recommended) check the ends. In case that the ends have dried, you should add 10 to 20 g product on the ends. Switch to heating until the end of waiting time. At the end of the waiting period, dry the hair with a hairdryer without a diffuser (so that the product does not evaporate) until the product is completely dry and hardens at the roots.

Step 5: Wet and Rinse

Moisten the hair in cold or lukewarm water for 10 seconds using a slow stream without rinsing the product, then lather for about half a minute, and comb thoroughly using a cutting comb – first on the wide-tooth side and then on the close-tooth side. Wait 5 to 10 minutes. Wash all the product off in cold or lukewarm water. Tip: Those who are used to not washing all the product can definitely continue to work this way.

Step 6: Iron

Dry the hair thoroughly with a hairdryer before commencing the ironing. We recommend using the BaByliss Pro Straightener, which is specially designed for straightening and reaches 230 degrees. Iron average size layers of hair for 15 seconds for the first time and repeat the operation 10 times faster. Natural and dyed hair can be ironed at 230 degrees. If the hair is damaged had has a lot of split ends, the hair should be ironed separately (without the ends) at 230 degrees and then lower the temperature to 190 degrees and iron 4 layers of damaged ends together in a controlled manner. Blonde hair should be checked before ironing – take a layer of hair from the center of the head and iron at a temperature of 180 – 200 degrees. If the hair turns yellow – reduce the heat. You can reduce it to 160 degrees

Step 7: Short wait

After ironing with the straightener is completed, cool the hair with a hairdryer on the cold setting and wait for 10 minutes.

Step 8: Rinse

Rinse the product out thoroughly and shampoo the hair twice with an Indian Oil shampoo that is suitable for the straightening ph.

Step 9: Mask

Spread a suitable Indian Oil mask generously. Comb with a cutting comb
– first on the wide-tooth side and then on the close-tooth side and wait 10 minutes, preferably while heating, to neutralize the straightening.

Step 10: Serum

Sprinkle about 10 drops of Indian Oil serum and dry the hair for a perfect result!

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