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Indian Hair Smoothening Pro
Indian Hair Smoothening Pro
(For Dyed Hair)
Indian Oil Deep Hair Mask
Indian Oil Hair Serum Oil
Indian Oil Anti Yellow Hair Rinsing Liquid
Indian Oil Shampoo Deep
Indian Oil PreTreatment Shampoo

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Deep Shampoo for dyed hair

Post straightening shampoo without salts that is also suitable for unstraightened hair.

SLS free shampoo rich in natural keratin that strengthens and coats the hair every time, contains the Inca Inchi butter that nourishes and keeps the hair smooth for a long time from the root to the ends, giving it a healthy, shiny look. The shampoo is specially designed for all types of chemically treated hair, such as straightening, curling curl opening, colour and highlights. The shampoo cleans and protects the scalp and is recommended for people with a sensitive scalp. The shampoo contains purple pigment to prevent yellow hair and two registered patents to rejuvenate the hair structure and triple its strength

Mask for dyed hair

Mask for thick and dry hair and damaged hair – a therapeutic and rehabilitative treatment mask for thick dry and damaged hair. The unique formula is enriched with a complex of Inca Inchi butter keratin and vitamins, improves the softness of the hair and contributes to the introduction of essential ingredients for flexible, shiny and radian hair from hair from the first use. Tip: Use in the shower.  After shampooing spread the mask and use a close tooth comb to comb the hair from the roots to the ends. Gather the hair with a clip and leaves for 10 minutes. Wash out the mask. The mask includes purple pigment to prevent yellow hue and two registered patents that rejuvenate the hair structure and triple its strength.

Serum for dyed hair

Serum for thick dry and damaged hair- a unique serum enriched with Inca Inchi fruit extracts from the Amazon forests providing protection for the hair. The serum seals and closes the split ends and enhances the natural luster and shine making hair styling easy and convenient.

Tip: It is recommended to apply before hair-drying. Comb with a close-tooth comb

Glaze for Curly Hair

Indian oil sculpting glaze (liquid gel for rapid drying) for curls. Rich in Inca-Inchi with a flexible medium hold that adds shine and style to the hair. Indian oil glaze builds curls shrinks them naturally gives volume closes split ends and stays throughout the day, leaving the hair soft and comfortable to style. Indian oil gaze is a liquid gel with a medium light hair grip, does not harden the hair and supports free design of curly and wavy hair.

Moisturizing Cream for Curly Hair

Provides deep nourishment and moisturizing for curly hair, rich in Inca-Inchi moisturizing for curly hair rich in inca-Inchi butter especially for very dry curly hair.

Controls frizzy hair simplifies combing gives shines and softness, strengthens hair and protects against heat up to 70 degree Celsius. Advanced  formula for building and nourishing rebellious curls. Consists of high concentration of Inca-Inchi butter, Keratin and softening ingredients to style and nourish the curls and protect the hair from environmental damaging effects. Inca-Inchi curls cream builds the curls from the roots to the ends and separates them naturally.

Indian Flex 1

Indian Flex No. 1 is added to the bowl of dyeing or bleaching product to protect and treat the hair during the dyeing, highlights or bleaching process.

During dyeing or bleaching the hair receives enhanced protection. Strength and flexibility thanks to new chemical connection created.

Always follow the instructions.

Indian Flex 2

Indian Flex no 2 texture is similar to that of a hair conditioner and will usually be used as a supplement to the Indian flex no 1 after washing the hair dye or bleaching products but can also be used independently as a treatment to strength the hair structure.

Always follow the instructions.

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