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Our Uniqueness - Indian Hair Straightening

Indian hair oil is manufactured by one of the leaders in hair health technology. The company grew out of cooperation between leading grooming and aesthetics professionals and advanced international research laboratories that engage in the development of biochemical and cosmetic dermatology.

40 years of knowledge, expertise, and advanced technology are bringing the new gospel to the field. A winning combination of two registered patents make Indian Oil products the next product in the field of hair restoration! The only products on the market that rejuvenate the hair from its first use!

The products contain the revolutionary elements:

“Ceramide A2” + “Keravis” are patented and have proven results.

2 Registered Patents. The Only Product.

Contains a chemical analog of Ceramide 2, a natural molecule found in the hair.

Provides structural reinforcement.

Protects the hair from damage.

Increases volume, shine, and recovery.

Strengthens the hair’s Cell Membrane Complex (CMC).

Restores the “cement” between the cells of the cuticle to strengthen and protect the hair.

Makes it easy to comb.

The unique chemical composition of the product allows it to penetrate into the hair cortex, building strength from within, while providing film-forming effects to reinforce, lubricate, and protect the surface of the hair. These properties strengthen the hair and reduce the degree of damage the hair sustains from chemical treatments, environmental stresses, or styling practices.

The product strengthens and significantly reduces hair loss (based on a comparative study to  Di-Panthenol.)

The product significantly increases the elasticity of the hair, thus prevents its breakage.

Advantage of Restorative Indian Hair Straightening

Restore Split Ends
Makes Hair Easy To Comb and Style
Provides Natural Hair Flow
Instantly straightens all hair types
Leaves Hair Smooth and Shiny
Gives Hair natural and flowing look
Provides Softness TO THE HAIR
Immediately changes the structure of all hair types

INCA-INCHI OIL. Plukenetia volubilis

The Inca Inchi (Plucenetia Volubilis) fruit grows naturally around the Amazon River in Peru. The fruit has unique and beautiful properties. The butter produced from this fruit contains unique qualities and has been passed on from generation to generation among the tribes of the region who used it to maintain strong, healthy hair, full of luster and glamor, which is not affected by the environment. The fruit is especially rich in omega acids, providing excellent nourishment for smooth and soft hair. The secret of the fruit was not known to the Western world for many years.

Its superb ability to provide natural flexibility, softness, and shine, to be quickly absorbed into the hair follicle, to restore and protect the hair, scalp, and skin, while maintaining rare delicacy and softness of hair along with health and resistance to environmental harm, remains deep in the remote Amazon forests …

Now, Indian Oil’s development and research department are using the company’s exclusive and unique Inca Inchi Formula, for the new line of innovative hair products that combine health and power with strength, beauty, and shine. The Inca Inchi fruit is rich in omega-3, omega-6 and, vitamin E that renews and strengthens hair naturally from the first application, and its virtues are known in India for healthy, luminous and robust hair

Indian Straightening offers what everyone is asking for:

  • Smooth hair that is easy to take care for, without any health risk.
  • Straightening approved by the Ministry of Health – you needn’t be worried.
  • The striaghtening product does not contain formaldehyde but it contains amino acids, Glycine and Keratin, Plant extract, nettle, calendula and aloe vera
    These ingradients nourish the hair and generate good long-term results.
  • With complete rinsing of the hair straightener product the ironing is pleasent and safe.
  • The straightening increases the flexibility of the hair and thus prevents its breakage and gives it a natural look and flow.
  • During the straightening process, the hair is also rejuvenated and the results speaks for themselves – smooth hair yet strong and flexible, pleasent, soft, glossy, easy to handle and maintain

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